Chris Orwig's Photography Masterclass

Learn how to: Develop your voice as a photographer. Create magic with natural light. Capture emotion in every frame. Master the art of storytelling.

What's Inside the Masterclass?


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  • How to create better photography without spending thousands of dollars.
  • If you’ve ever thought your photography lacks a voice, I have a secret that can help.
  • I’m here to mentor you on your journey to create beautiful photos with your own unique style.
  • If you’ve felt like your photography lacked artistry, I’ve been there.
  • If you’ve ever felt like you don’t have the right gear, I’m here to help.

What you'll learn

My 3 secret tips designed to help and inspire all photographers.

How to create better photography without spending thousands of dollars.

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Chris Orwig
People Pictures


Create commanding portraits of anyone.

Learn how to capture more natural portraits and renew your passion for capturing the people in your world. Unleash inspiration whenever you are holding a camera. Experiment freely wherever you are shooting.

Chris Orwig
Authentic Portraits


How to find, approach and direct subjects.

You’ll learn how to create a visual map of your subjects, clarify your vision, create a checklist for your shoots, dial in the shoot flow and more. Have a perfect system for streamlining your workflow. Approach and shoot anyone.

Meet Your Instructor

Photographer & Educator Chris Orwig

Chris is a highly respected, reviewed and celebrated teacher who speaks regularly at conferences nationally and internationally at conferences like Photo Plus, WPPI, Photoville, LACP Exposure, Palm Springs Photo Festival, Adobe MAX (5x MAX master - Adobe's highest honor), Imaging USA and more. Chris has been invited to speak at Google, lead creative imaging seminars at Facebook and represented Adobe at major conferences.

Chris Orwig is a best-selling author, photographer, and teacher who blends a down-to-earth approach with technical expertise.

Having authored 7 books on Lightroom, Photoshop and Photography, taught at the college level for 12 years and authored over 100 online tutorials (totaling more than 5000 hours), Chris knows his stuff.

But more importantly, he knows what matters most. After having survived a near-death rock climbing incident in his teens, Chris realized that life is a gift and that the camera is the perfect tool for savoring and celebrating the time that we have.

Whether capturing photographs, teaching or writing books, Chris strives to inspire others to become more creative and lead more meaningful lives. 


"Chris Orwig is an incredible photographer and an awesome educational resource to other photographers. Being in class with Chris was so enlightening and his enthusiasm for life is evident in his teaching and photographs. His portrait video series is one of my favorites!"


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