Portrait Retouching Masterclass


In this easy-to-follow and enjoyable course, you will learn how to begin to retouch your portraits like a pro.

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This course is for you if…

You love taking photos but haven’t mastered retouching.

You don’t enjoy the post-production aspect of Lightroom.

You wish your portraits looked more professional.

Learn what it takes to master retouching photographs!

What You’ll Learn

Want to improve your portraits, so that your subjects look their best? Well, you've come to the right place. In this easy-to-follow and enjoyable course, you will learn how to begin to retouch your portraits like a pro.

Throughout the course, I share my tips and techniques that can help you achieve natural and beautiful results. I will cover topics like enhancing eyes, improve teeth, remove distraction, improve light and color and so much more.


Imagine you could…

Retouch portraits with absolute confidence every time. Have fun with Lightroom! Feel creative while you are retouching and know exactly how to create professional-looking portraits.

Portrait Retouching Masterclass


In this easy-to-follow and enjoyable course, you will learn how to begin to retouch your portraits like a pro.

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"I created these courses so you can learn how to standardize your workflow and how to get the most out of Photoshop and Lightroom. But most of all you'll enjoy working alongside me as I teach you how to retouch photos like a Pro."

Chris Orwig




11h 16m






Chris gives an introduction to the course and portrait retouching.


Orientation to Course Files Downloads

Chris gives a quick orientation to the files included in this course. Click here to download the Source Files for this course Size: 1.72 GB Use the link above to download additional Source Files...

Enhancing Eyes in Photoshop


Enhancing the Eyes with Curves and Masking

Discover how to enhance the eyes using Curves and Masking


Using Multiple Adjustment Layers to Improve Eyes

Create multiple Adjustment Layers for a combined effect.


Using Camera Raw as a Smart Filter

Learn how to use Camera Raw as a Smart Filter to improve the eyes.


Using Quick Select to Enhance the Eyes

Discover how to use Quick Select to speed up your workflow


Making Eyes Sparkle in Photoshop

Learn how to use Smart Sharpen and High Pass to improve details


Improving Eyes in Lightroom

Learn how to make Radial adjustments in LR to improve the eyes.


Improving Eyes in Adobe Camera Raw

Learn how to make Radial adjustments in ACR to improve the eyes.


Improving Darker Eyes

Discover how to make darker eyes look their best using the Radial Filter


Creating Subtle Improvements

Learn how to make subtle improvements by including the Adjustment brush into your workflow


Fixing Traditional Glasses

Learn how to correct the darkness created by transitional glasses.


Advanced Eye Improvements

Learn how to make precise and important improvements to the whites of the eyes.

Improving Teeth


Whitening Teeth with Lightroom

Learn how to use the Adjustment brush to whiten and brighten teeth       


Fixing a Specific Tooth

Learn how to fix a specific tooth so that it matches the others.


Whitening Teeth with Photoshop

Discover how to use Photoshop and Adjustment Layers to whiten and brighten teeth.


Fixing Teeth

Learn an effective strategy for fixing small teeth details

Improving Skin


Simple Skin Clean-up In Lightroom

Learn how to professionally retouching skin blemishes using the Camera Raw Healing Brush


Removing Skin Blemishes With the Spot Healing Tool

Learn how to quickly spot heal away blemishes in Photoshop


Removing Skin Blemishes with the Healing Brush

Discover how using the two healing brushes together helps to achieve the best results


Fixing Shiny or Oily Skin

Lean how to fix shiny or oily skin using the Healing and Patch tools


Softening Skin

Learn how to create smooth skin that looks natural

Shape, Sculpt and Modify


Thinning the Body

Discover how to use Liquify to achieve subtle and professional results


Sculpting with Liquify as a Smart Filter

Learn how to use Liquify with built the built-in flexibility of smart filters.


Improve the Face

Discover how to use Liquify to fix a jawline


Fixing the Shape of a Hat and Shirt

Learn how to use Liquify to fix the shape of objects in your photos.


Fixing Clothing and Hair

Learn how to put the steps togethers to retouching details and modify shape


Advanced Liquify Settings

Learn how to mask and protect certain areas so that you can achieve even better results.

Removing Wrinkles and Shadows


Quickly Remove Shadows in Lightroom and Photoshop

Learn how to quickly reduce or remove shadows using the Healing Brush in Lightroom and Photoshop


Natural Looking Wrinkle Reduction

Discover how to achieve more professional level results.


Improve Shadows with Curves

Learn and advanced technique for improving shadows using curves and masking


Improving the Neck

Learn how to achieve pro level results when retouching the neck.


Advanced Wrinkles Reduction

Learn an advanced technique for wrinkle removal that involving cloning, blending modes and curves.

Improving Light


Add Emphasis with a Radial Filter

Learn how to add that extra bit of visual interest by creating a radial filter adjustment


Improving Light in Fashion Portraits

Discover how to create simple yet significant adjustments with the selective adjustments


Creating a Better Look with Light

Learn how to add selective adjustments to fashion portraits


Improving Light and Color with the Adjustment Brush

Learn how to make essential improvements with the Adjustment brush


Using the Lightroom Light Controls to Finish a Photo

Learn how to improve this portrait of a famous stuntman

Delete Distractions


Removing Stray Hairs

Discover simple and advanced techniques for removing stray hairs.


Retouch Away Distractions in a Commercial Photo

Learn how to use content aware fill and the blur tool to finish off this photo


Advanced Content Aware Fill Improvements

Discover how to work with Content Aware fill more effectively


Improving an Environmental Portrait

Learn how to retouch away distractions with lightning speed.


Removing an Object with Multiple Tools

Learn how to retouch away distractions by combining the best of multiple tools


Become an Expert with the Patch Tool

Take the mystery out of using the Patch tool and learn how to use it like a pro.


Removing Unwanted Jewelry

Learn how to remove objects that the subject is wearing


Retouching Away Distractions in the Environment

Learn how to retouch away tree branches or poles behind the subject


Expert Spot Healing

Learn how to sport heal away distractions by zooming in close and focusing on the small details.


Spot Heal a Fashion Portrait

Learn how to make subtle and seamless improvements using the Spot Healing brush in Lightroom.

Fix the Background


Removing Distractions On the Background Quickly

Discover how to quickly remove distractions on the background


Harnessing the Magic of Content Aware Fill

Learn how to harness the magic of Content Aware Fill to extend portrait backdrops

Portrait of a Legend


Reviewing the Photos

Let’s review the shoot so that we can see and evaluate the range of photographs that were captured.


Selecting the Keepers

Let’s discuss how to find the keepers and select the photograph we will be working on.


Creating a Collection

The next step in our workflow will be to create a Collection so that we can organize the keepers into a separate area.


Creating a Strong Black and White Look

Learn how to create a strong black and white conversion of this portrait.


Fine Tune the Look and Fix the Background

Discover how to go from good to great by fine-tuning the look and fixing the background of this image.


Fixing the Hat

The hat has an odd shape. So let’s explore how to fix that using some advanced retouching techniques.


Content Aware Cropping

Because the subject isn’t centered, let’s use Content-Aware Cropping to extend the canvas and fill in the missing area.


Final Curves Adjustments

In order to finish off this project we will make a few final Curves adjustments.


Wrapping it All Up

Listen as Chris wraps up and reflects on this project and provides you with an assignment for how you can take what you’ve learned and put it into practice.

Portrait of an Artist


What is Your Vision

Listen as Chris explain his vision for this shoot and project.


The Scavenger Hunt - Finding the Keepers

Discover how to look through a set of photographs in search of the keepers.


Choosing the Final Selects

Let’s choose the final keepers so that we can begin to work on these images.


Cropping the Keepers

Discover how you can crop and recompose your images so that they are stronger and more visually interesting.


Converting to Black and White Look

Learn how to create a strong black and white look.


Fine Tune Image

The final few steps are almost always the most important. Watch and learn what steps are needed to perfect these photos.


Now its Your Turn

Listen along as Chris reviews the project and provides you with a few practical steps you can take to implement what was learned.

Portrait of a Celebrity


Introducing the Project

List along as Chris introduces the celebrity portrait project.


Searching for the Look

Let’s go through the photos from the shoot and talk about how to find the keepers.


Cropping and Basic Adjustments

Discover how applying some basic crop adjustments can really make a big difference.


Fixing Graduated Adjustment and Details

Let’s fix a few of the problem details in the frame with the Graduated Filter and the Details panel.


Retouching Away Small Details

Learn how to retouch away small skin blemished.


Retouching Skin Tones

Discover how to fix skin tones.


Fine Tuning Color and Tone

Let’s apply some color corrections and enhancements.


Testing Out Other Creative Ideas

Sometimes it’s important (and fun!) to try out other creative post-production ideas. Let's do that with this image.


Photography Your Own Celebrity

Listen as Chris shares some final advice and suggests how you can put into practice what was learned.

Portrait Retouching 201


Getting Started

Getting started by importing the portrait and textures into Photoshop.


Retouching Details

Learn how to professionally retouching away distracting details.


Improving the Neck

Discover how to improve the light and the wrinkles on the neck.


Fixing Shadows

Learn an advanced Curves and Masking techniques for fixing unwanted shadows. 


AddingTexture to the Background

Make the studio background come to life by adding a texture.


Improving Edge Details and Focus

Discover how to improve edge details and the overall sharpness of the frame.


Changing Color

Learn how to customize and fine-tune the color in order to craft the look.


Finals Steps with a Plugin

Sometimes using Photoshop isn’t enough. With this image, let’s look at how to use a 3rd party plugin to take the look even further.

Advanced Portrait Retouching


World Renown Ballet Dancer

Learn how to clean up, improve and extend the background in order to create a better composition.


Creating Mood in a Fashion Portrait

Learn how to retouching and create mood and feeling in a beautiful fashion portrait.


Celebrity Retouching Project

Discover how to improve the composition, retouch away distraction and create a beautiful look for this celebrity portrait


Creating a Strong Headshot

Learn how to turn this snapshot into a strong headshot.


YouTube Influencer

With over 1 billion views on YouTube, this influencer knows her stuff. Learn how to retouch her portrait so that it looks beautiful and strong.


Fashion Fix

In this fashion portrait, learn how to retouch away wrinkles and improve shape.


Portrait of a Friend

Discover how to take an ordinary portrait and make it extraordinary.


Stylized Portrait

Some people just have great style. Learn how to improve this style filled portrait so the subject looks her best.


Portrait of a Composer

Danny has composed music for many of the most famous movies of all time. Learn how to retouch this image so he looks his best.


Modern Business Portrait

Business isn't what it used to be, and either are business portraits. Learn how to create a strong look for this shot.


Natural Light Beauty Portrait

Learn how to create a beautiful yet natural look in this window light portrait.


Bridal Portrait

Discover how to fix and finish off this beautiful bridal portrait.


Street Portrait

Learn how to retouch away distractions in this beautiful portrait captured on the streets of LA.


Poetic Portrait

Learn how to simplify this poetic and non-traditional portrait so that it looks even more beautiful.

Portrait Retouching Masterclass


In this easy-to-follow and enjoyable course, you will learn how to begin to retouch your portraits like a pro.

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