Portrait Retouching Masterclass


In this easy-to-follow and enjoyable course, you will learn how to begin to retouch your portraits like a pro.

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What you’ll Learn

Want to improve your portraits, so that your subjects look their best? Well you've come to the right place. In this easy-to-follow and enjoyable course you will learn how to begin retouch your portraits like a pro. Throughout the course, I share my tips and techniques that can help you achieve natural and beautiful results. I will cover topics like enhancing eyes, improve teeth, remove distraction, improve light and color and so much more.



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Chris gives an introduction to the course and portrait retouching.


Orientation to Course Files Downloads

Chris gives a quick orientation to the files included in this course.


Enhancing the Eyes with Curves and Masking

Discover how to enhance the eyes using Curves and Masking


Using Multiple Adjustment Layers to Improve Eyes

Create multiple Adjustment Layers for a combined effect.


Using Camera Raw as a Smart Filter

Learn how to use Camera Raw as a Smart Filter to improve the eyes.


Using Quick Select to Enhance the Eyes

Discover how to use Quick Select to speed up your workflow


Making Eyes Sparkle in Photoshop

Learn how to use Smart Sharpen and High Pass to improve details


Improving Eyes in Lightroom

Learn how to make Radial adjustments in LR to improve the eyes.


Improving Eyes in Adobe Camera Raw

Learn how to make Radial adjustments in ACR to improve the eyes.


Improving Darker Eyes

Discover how to make darker eyes look their best using the Radial Filter


Creating Subtle Improvements

Learn how to make subtle improvements by including the Adjustment brush into your workflow


Fixing Traditional Glasses

Learn how to correct the darkness created by transitional glasses.


Advanced Eye Improvements

Learn how to make precise and important improvements to the whites of the eyes.


Whitening Teeth with Lightroom

Learn how to use the Adjustment brush to whiten and brighten teeth       


Fixing a Specific Tooth

Learn how to fix a specific tooth so that it matches the others.


Whitening Teeth with Photoshop

Discover how to use Photoshop and Adjustment Layers to whiten and brighten teeth.


Fixing Teeth

Learn an effective strategy for fixing small teeth details


Simple Skin Clean-up In Lightroom

Learn how to professionally retouching skin blemishes using the Camera Raw Healing Brush


Removing Skin Blemishes With the Spot Healing Tool

Learn how to quickly spot heal away blemishes in Photoshop


Removing Skin Blemishes with the Healing Brush

Discover how using the two healing brushes together helps to achieve the best results


Fixing Shiny or Oily Skin

Lean how to fix shiny or oily skin using the Healing and Patch tools


Softening Skin

Learn how to create smooth skin that looks natural


Thinning the Body

Discover how to use Liquify to achieve subtle and professional results


Sculpting with Liquify as a Smart Filter

Learn how to use Liquify with built the built-in flexibility of smart filters.


Improve the Face

Discover how to use Liquify to fix a jawline


Fixing the Shape of a Hat and Shirt

Learn how to use Liquify to fix the shape of objects in your photos.


Fixing Clothing and Hair

Learn how to put the steps togethers to retouching details and modify shape


Advanced Liquify Settings

Learn how to mask and protect certain areas so that you can achieve even better results.


Quickly Remove Shadows in Lightroom and Photoshop

Learn how to quickly reduce or remove shadows using the Healing Brush in Lightroom and Photoshop


Natural Looking Wrinkle Reduction

Discover how to achieve more professional level results.


Improve Shadows with Curves

Learn and advanced technique for improving shadows using curves and masking


Improving the Neck

Learn how to achieve pro level results when retouching the neck.


Advanced Wrinkles Reduction

Learn an advanced technique for wrinkle removal that involving cloning, blending modes and curves.


Add Emphasis with a Radial Filter

Learn how to add that extra bit of visual interest by creating a radial filter adjustment


Improving Light in Fashion Portraits

Discover how to create simple yet significant adjustments with the selective adjustments


Creating a Better Look with Light

Learn how to add selective adjustments to fashion portraits


Improving Light and Color with the Adjustment Brush

Learn how to make essential improvements with the Adjustment brush


Using the Lightroom Light Controls to Finish a Photo

Learn how to improve this portrait of a famous stuntman


Removing Stray Hairs

Discover simple and advanced techniques for removing stray hairs.


Retouch Away Distractions in a Commercial Photo

Learn how to use content aware fill and the blur tool to finish off this photo


Advanced Content Aware Fill Improvements

Discover how to work with Content Aware fill more effectively


Improving an Environmental Portrait

Learn how to retouch away distractions with lightning speed.


Removing an Object with Multiple Tools

Learn how to retouch away distractions by combining the best of multiple tools


Become an Expert with the Patch Tool

Take the mystery out of using the Patch tool and learn how to use it like a pro.


Removing Unwanted Jewelry

Learn how to remove objects that the subject is wearing


Retouching Away Distractions in the Environment

Learn how to retouch away tree branches or poles behind the subject


Expert Spot Healing

Learn how to sport heal away distractions by zooming in close and focusing on the small details.


Spot Heal a Fashion Portrait

Learn how to make subtle and seamless improvements using the Spot Healing brush in Lightroom.


Removing Distractions On the Background Quickly

Discover how to quickly remove distractions on the background


Harnessing the Magic of Content Aware Fill

Learn how to harness the magic of Content Aware Fill to extend portrait backdrops


Next Steps

Congrats, love what next? Mini projects. Retouching a studio, wedding family portrait? Yes, no? Send me a note as I want to create the training that will be most helpful to you!

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Portrait Retouching Masterclass


In this easy-to-follow and enjoyable course, you will learn how to begin to retouch your portraits like a pro.

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