Portrait Retouching 101


Learn how to improve portraits in Photoshop and Lightroom.

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What you’ll Learn

How do you create portraits that can be published in top magazines for top notch brands? It requires equal amounts of skill in capture, business and post-production. In this course, we’ll focus in on how to use Lightroom and Photoshop to perfect our photos. By going through 3 start-to-finish projects you’ll learn how to enhance, fix and perfect your portraits.



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Photoshop + Lightroom




Welcome and overview of the three projects in this course.


Exercise Files

Overview of downloadable exercise files for this course. Use the download link above to get the files. 


Setting the Stage

The best place to begin with any project is to create a vision. Listen along as Chris talks about the vision for this project.


Reviewing the Photos

Let’s review the shoot so that we can see and evaluate the range of photographs that were captured.


Selecting the Keepers

Let’s discuss how to find the keepers and select the photograph we will be working on.


Creating a Collection

The next step in our workflow will be to create a Collection so that we can organize the keepers into a separate area.


Creating a Strong Black and White Look

Learn how to create a strong black and white conversion of this portrait.


Fine Tune the Look and Fix the Background

Discover how to go from good to great by fine tuning the look and fixing the background of this image.


Fixing the Hat

The hat has an odd shape. So let’s explore how to fix that using some advanced retouching techniques.


Content Aware Cropping

Because the subject isn’t centered, let’s use Content-Aware Cropping to extend the canvas and fill in the missing area.


Final Curves Adjustments

In order to finish off this project we will make a few final Curves adjustments.


Wrapping it All Up

Listen as Chris wraps up and reflects on this project and provides you with an assignment for how you can take what you’ve learned and put it into practice.


What is Your Vision

Listen as Chris explain his vision for this shoot and project.


The Scavenger Hunt - Finding the Keepers

Discover how to look through a set of photographs in search of the keepers.


Choosing the Final Selects

Let’s choose the final keepers so that we can begin to work on these images.


Cropping the Keepers

Discover how you can crop and recompose your images so that they are stronger and more visually interesting.


Converting to Black and White Look

Learn how to create a strong black and white look.


Fine Tune Image

The final few steps are almost always the most important. Watch and learn what steps are needed to perfect these photos.


Now it s Your Turn

Listen along as Chris reviews the project and provides you with a few practical steps you can take to implement what was learned.


Introducing the Project

List along as Chris introduces the celebrity portrait project.


Searching for the Look

Let’s go through the photos from the shoot and talk about how to find the keepers.


Cropping and Basic Adjustments

Discover how applying some basic crop adjustments can really make a big difference.


Fixing Graduated Adjustment and Details

Let’s fix a few of the problem details in the frame with the Graduated Filter and the Details panel.


Retouching Away Small Details

Learn how to retouch away small skin blemished.


Retouching Skin Tones

Discover how to fix skin tones.


Fine Tuning Color and Tone

Let’s apply some color corrections and enhancements.


Testing Out Other Creative Ideas

Sometimes it’s important (and fun!) to try out other creative post-production ideas. Let's do that with this image.


Photography Your Own Celebrity

Listen as Chris shares some final advice and suggests how you can put into practice what was learned.


What s Next

Listen as Chris summarizes what was learned and offers some ideas on what you can do next.

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Portrait Retouching 101


Learn how to improve portraits in Photoshop and Lightroom.

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