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Learn how and when to use different lenses to achieve pro level results.

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What you’ll Learn

The photographic gear that will most directly affect your portraits isn’t the camera, but rather its the lens. In this course, Chris will share the wisdom he has learned through over a decade of experience photographing celebrities like; the actor MIllie Bobby Brown, world famous surfer Kelly Slater or just capturing a portrait of one of his kids. Through presentations and live shoots, you will learn everything you need to know about finding what lenses will work best for you.



1 Hour 20 Minutes







Wide Normal and Telephoto Focal Lengths

Let's start with the essentials and set the foundation by discussing three standard focal length categories - wide, normal and telephoto.


How Sensor Size Affects Focal Length

Learn how sensor size affects (and changes) the focal length of your lens.


Focal Length And Distortion And Compression

Using different focal lengths can create different effects like distortion and compression. Let's talk about what those terms mean and why they are important.


Using a Wide Angle Lens

In this live studio shoot, learn how to use and avoid common pitfalls when using wide angle lenses for portraits.


Shooting With A Normal Focal Length

In this live studio shoot, discover how best to use a normal focal length lens.


Working With A Telephoto Lens

Discover why so many photographers prefer telephoto length lenses when capturing portraits.


Introducing Camera Angle

Most photographers forget to think about camera height or camera angle. But this can really make or break a photo. Let's talk about the theory of how this works.


Capturing A Full Length Portraits With A Wide Angle Lens

In this live studio shoot, discover how to find the best camera angles for wide angle lenses.


Creating Good Portraits With A Normal Focal Length Lens

In this live studio shoot, discover how to find the best camera angles for normal focal length lenses.


Getting The Up Close Headshot With A Telephoto Lens

In this live studio shoot, discover how to create a closeup headshot with the telephoto lens.


What is depth of field DOF and why does it matter

Depth-of-Field (DOF) is a critical aspect of portrait photography. Used wisely and it can really draw in the viewer. Let's look at what DOF is and why it matters.


The Four Factors That Influence DOF

Learn the hidden secrets that most directly affect DOF.


How F-stop Affects DOF

Let's go out on location to a beautiful setting and do a live shoot in order to demonstrate how f-stop affects DOF.


How Focal Length Affects DOF

Watch as Chris shoots with different focal lengths in a beautiful setting and notice how it creates completely different looks.


How Camera Distance Affects DOF

The closer your get to the subject the shallower the depth of field. Don't believe me? Watch as Chris demonstrates this in a live shoot.


Removing Distractions In The Background

Learn how to remove distracting elements in the background with shallow DOF.


Capturing A Low Light Portrait

Sometimes you have to use a shallow DOF because the scene is dark. So let's go into a warehouse studio and explore how to capture portraits indoors.


Practicing Shooting With A Low Dof In Open Shade

A good way to get better at portraiture is to practice in open shade. Watch as Chris works in the shade and uses a shallow DOF to capture portraits.


Lens Basics

When it comes to buying a lens there's a lot to consider. Listen as Chris makes this complicated topic clear.


What s Better - Prime or Zoom

Let's discuss the difference between a prime lens and a zoom.


Great Lenses At Affordable Rates

Discover one way to work with great lenses at affordable rates.


What s Your Favorite Lens

Listen as Chris breaks it all down and shares a few thoughts about his favorite lens.


Reviewing Focal Length and Camera Angle

Let's review and summarize what we've learned so far as it relates to Camera Angle and Focal Length.


Reviewing Depth of Field

A great way to make sure you really understand DOF is to watch this summary conversation about DOF.


Finding The Perfect Fit

How do you find the perfect portrait lens? Let me explain.


Next Steps

Now that we have learned so much, what comes next?

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Portrait Lens


Learn how and when to use different lenses to achieve pro level results.

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