Portrait Gear 101


Learn what lenses and gear are best for the portraits you want to create in what situations.

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What you’ll Learn

Learn what lenses are best for the portraits you want to create. In this course, I - a photographer whose portraits have been featured everywhere from Rolling Stone to The New York Times - shows you how to build the ideal portrait photography kit. Using his tips and insight, you can learn about how to invest in the right gear that will help you actualize your vision.



58 Minutes







Portrait Gear Essentials

Photography gear can be interesting and exciting to look at. But figuring out what to buy can be intimidating. That’s why I’ve created this course. Welcome and let’s begin.


Three Different Types of Portraiture

Learn why it is important to consider what type of portraiture you want to do before you buy any gear.


Approach 1 Minimalist

Discover how working in a minimalist way shapes what gear you buy.


Approach 2 - Traveler

Learn about the advantages and needs of being a portrait photographer on the go.


Approach 3 Architect

Discover how more involved shoots require more involved (and more expensive) gear.


What s Your Vision

Learn from Chris how to clarity your vision for the type of portraits you want to make.


Creating a Short-Term and Long-Range Budget

Follow along with Chris as you make short- and long-term gears goals and set the appropriate budget.



Learn why it’s important to think about the camera’s size, lifespan and features.


Depth of Field

Discover how you can find the perfect portrait lens so that you can capture a shallow depth of field.


Focal Length

Learn about why you might want to use different focal length lenses whether that is wide, normal or telephoto.



Finding the right gear bag is all about finding what works perfectly for you. Learn from Chris how to find what will work best based on your own need.



Learn about the most essential and the most important gear accessories like batteries, chargers, media cards and portable power.


Backdrops Extras

Watch and listen as Chris talks through some common backdrop considerations.



Listen as Chris shares some advice on purchasing external lights and building out your lighting kit.


Next Steps

In this movie, Chris reflects back on what we learned and what you can do next.

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Portrait Gear 101


Learn what lenses and gear are best for the portraits you want to create in what situations.

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