Photoshop Workflow Masterclass


Learn how to work faster and smarter in Photoshop.

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What you’ll Learn

Learn my top tips and practical advice so that can help you work faster and smarter in Photoshop! Learn how to use smart filters, adjustment layers, masking, blend modes, brush sizes, and more. This course will add rocket fuel to your workflow!



2 Hours 22 Minutes







LIVE Intro

Welcome and overview of all the awesome things you are about to learn.


Tune Up Time

Learn essential settings so that Photoshop runs fast.


Screen Modes and Panels

Learn how to change screen modes and customize the panel layouts.


Open Save View Documents

Open, save and view documents with efficiency and ease.



Zoom in and out so that you can work on specific parts of your photos.


Non-destructive Filters

Apply filters non-destructively so that you can undo or change the filter at any time.


Magnificent Masking

Learn how to create masks that work for you.


Masking Advanced Tips

Learn how to mask like a pro.


Adjustment Layer Awesomeness

Apply Adjustment Layers quickly and non-destructively.


Layer Clipping Mask Adjustments

Use Layer Clipping Masks so that you have even more control.


Layer Clipping Mask Fill

Apply Layer Clipping Masks for creative effects.


Layer Styles

Create, copy and paste Layers Styles to customize type.


Layer Opacity and Fill

Change Layer opacity with the touch of a key.


Creating New Layers

Create new layers like a boss.


Selecting Layers

Target and select layers without using the layers panel.


Layer Visibility

Change layer visibility with lightning speed.


Layer Review and More

Review and recap of some of the most important layer techniques we’ve learned so far.


Target and Reorder Layers

Target and reorder layers without using the layers panel


Merge Layers

Merge layers with a shortcut.


Better Black White

Create better, stronger and more interesting black and white conversions.


Automatic Actions

Automate your workflow with custom actions.


Blend Mode Magic

Discover how Blend Modes work.


Blend Mode Shortcuts

Learn my favorite Blend Modes shortcuts.


Rapid Retouching

Retouching and remove blemishes with even more speed.


Faster Sharpening

Sharpen your photos without wasting time.


Brush Size

Change your brush size and softness with keyboard shortcuts

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Photoshop Workflow Masterclass


Learn how to work faster and smarter in Photoshop.

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