People Pictures


In this eBook, Bestselling author/photographer Chris Orwig offers 30 photographic exercises to renew your passion for capturing the people in your world.

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What you’ll Learn

This is not a traditional portrait photography book. The goal isn’t flattery, but connection and depth. Whether you are a student, busy parent, or seasoned pro photographer, these exercises provide an accessible framework for exploration and growth. With titles like: Be Quiet, Turn the Camera Around, and the Fabric of Family, each of the 30 exercises encourages you to have fun and experiment at your own pace.







Catch a moment of fullness and expectation

So there's all kinds of reviews here that express disappointment that a book titled "30 Exercises" is chock full of "exercises". Crazy. Don't be fooled by these passive-aggressive reviews. This book is a gem. As for my experience with the book it is *exactly* what I wanted. The chapters are short, concise and pointed. And you can accomplish them, in any order, if you simply try. There's no need to buy new lighting, no need for a new lens, no need to study rules of composition, no need to rent a studio, .... Just Go and Do It. Take some photos. Think about the essence of people. Look into their eyes - there's depth in there. Wait for it, Click. Chat it up. Wait a second, Click. How wonderful...
J. Nipar

philosphy and inspiration with practical exercises in protrait photography

"People Pictures" by Chris Orwig is an amazing book. The premise is a set of 30 exercises in portrait photography. What we get is much, much more. There are 30 chapters, each with several exercises, and an Introduction, that together will broaden the way a photographer sees, change the way the photographer interacts with his/her subject, change the mindset of the photographer as he/she approaches taking a portrait...
gt surber


Very inspiring and deep-thinking book by Orwig. I have his other book and must say that one is better than this one, but that doesn't mean this book is bad. He quotes from many famous photographers and artists that provide fresh perspectives into photography. There are some places that are a bit too philosophical, but generally anyone beyond the amateur level will find this book enlightening. By all means, do NOT buy this book if you're looking for shutter speeds and aperture settings! This is for people who already know how to take technical pictures but need a kick in the butt to get through photographer's block.
J. Lee

Loving this book

So far I have only been through 2 chapters but I love it. I purchased this book to get better at photographing people. For years I have only spent time on landscapes and have always wanted to get into Portraits. This book is helping me understand the fundamental differences between the two types of photography, it is also helping me become a better photographer....
B Harvey

People Pictures


Bestselling author/photographer Chris Orwig offers 30 photographic exercises to renew your passion for capturing the people in your world.

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