Lightroom Workflow Masterclass


Learn how to work faster and smarter in Lightroom.

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What you’ll Learn

Lightroom Classic is the world’s most popular editing tool because it’s powerful and easy to use. And in this course, you will discover tips that can help you approach common tasks—from importing to processing your photos—more efficiently. And you’ll discover tips and tricks for importing your photographs, customizing the interface, and choosing modules and panels. Plus, you’ll learn tips for batch processing multiple images, resetting sliders and sections, cleaning up presets, and more.



1 Hour 25 Minutes




Lightroom Classic or Lightroom CC




Welcome and overview of what you will learn.


Import Speed Tips

Learn how to most effectively import your photos.


Import Preferences

Discover the most essential import preferences.


Using Filename and Metadata Presets

Presets can help you speed up your workflow if you know how to use them well. Let me show you a few tips.


Using Filename and Metadata Presets

The best (and the only) way to import is with Develop Presets. Watch as we learn how to create our own custom preset.


Import as Catalog Quick Tip

When you need to import a separate Catalog, you can follow this tip for even more speed.


Sync Folder

Clean up and synchronize your folders with this quick tip.


External Editing Preference

Before sending a photo to Photoshop, you need to configure your External Editing Preference. Let me show you what options work best and why.


Changing What you See

For a better viewing experience, change these settings.


Viewing Extras

Discover how to quickly show or hide the extras within the Grid and Filmstrip.


Customize the Interface

Learn how to customize the interface so that it works best for you.


Choosing Modules

The best and fastest way to change modules is with this series of shortcuts.


Choosing Panels

This advanced speed tip with save


Using the Previous Button

Utilize the Previous button as a way to apply settings to multiple files.


Sync Settings on Multiple Files

Customize the Sync settings so that you can batch process the exact setting you want.


Batch Processing multiple images

Learn how to batch process by using Auto-Sync


Better Batch Fix

Making incremental adjustments to a group of photos with this hidden and advanced technique.


Creating Folders and Collections

Create new folders and collections with ease by using these speed tips.


Toggle Clipping Indicator

Toggle on/off the visibility of the Clipping indicators without slowing down your workflow.


Reset Sliders and Sections

Learn how to quickly reset sliders and sections of adjustments.


Reset the Image and Crop

Discover how to reset the crop and the image using two valuable short cuts.


Virtual Copies

Discover how to make Virtual copies work for you.


Clean Up Presets

Learn how to clean up and manage your presets.


Writing Settings to XMP or not

One way to save you settings is to write them to XMP. Discover how to do this ansd why it matters.


Rate Rank Sort

Rate, rank, sort and filter your image with lightning speed.


Export Presets

Create and utilize your own custom Export presets so that you can export your images more quickly.


Next Steps

Thanks for watching and tips on what to do next.

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Lightroom Workflow Masterclass


Learn how to work faster and smarter in Lightroom.

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