Creative Mind Masterclass


Listen and watch the IGNITE program in order to boost your creativity and create your best work.

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What you’ll Learn

The IGNITE program is designed for those who want to live in more creative ways. You can think of it as your own personal creative inspiration toolkit.

The bundled program contains a set of videos, audios and PDF guide that will motivate and inspire you to create your best work and live a more meaningful life.

The IGNITE bundle includes: 20 Videos + 53 Audio Tracks + PDF Outline Guide (over 60 pages).



4 Hours 39 Minutes








Learn about how creativity can make us become more alive regardless of how old we are.


What is Creativity

Discover a common definition of creativity so that we can become more creative ourselves.


Who is This Course For

This course is designed for those who want to become more creative and live regardless of what type of work that you do.


Become a Beginner Again

Discover why adopting a beginners mindset can set you free.


Create a Greenhouse for Creative Growth

Learn about how you can create your own personal greenhouse for creative growth


Interruption is a Thief

Come up with a way to cut off the interruptions so that your creativity continues to flow


The Dead Sea is a Good Muse

Discover why the Dead Sea can serve as a reminder for why we need give-and-take in order to stay creatively alive.


Harvard of the High Seas

Learn and discover new ways to learn that are dependent upon school.


Gratitude as a Key to Creative Success

Develop the practice of gratitude as a way to open up the floodgates of your own creative process.


A Dull Axe Is A Dangerous Thing

Discover about the importance of gaining technical skills in order to thrive.


Next Steps

Discover a few action steps that you can take to put all of this into practice.


Introduction to Volume 2

Creativity is at the essence of what it means to be alive. The challenge is to remain creative as time marches on.


The Freedoms of Constraint

Without constraints, creativity tends to sprawl. Learn about how constraints can focus and funnel creative energy.


The Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary

How do we make the ordinary become extraordinary?


The Pencil is Mightier Than the Pen

Why is it that sketching can release creative energy that's blocked? Listen to find out.


Be Who You Are

Becoming your most authentic self with unleash your creative potential.


The Winepress That Changed the World

Sometimes creativity isn't making something new but making new with something that already exists.


Momentum is Your Friend

Getting started is more important than having big ideas.


Embrace the Mistake

Why perfectionism kills creativity and flaws make it grow.

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Creative Mind Masterclass


Listen and watch the IGNITE program in order to boost your creativity and create your best work.

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