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Chris Orwig
Complete Pack


Shoot, edit & retouch stunning photos every time. This Complete Pack is my full curriculum on photography.

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This bundle is for you if…

You’ve shot a photo you love but can’t get the edit right.

You feel like you always reach for the wrong lens.

You have a hard time getting inspired on the spot.

Unlock inspiration every time you have a camera in your hands!

What You’ll Learn

This bundle includes my full curriculum! I’ll teach you to be confident and inspired every time you shoot. My complete pack covers the intricacies of lenses, how to develop your own style, and how to transform your work into masterpieces.

No matter how long you’ve been doing photography, I’ll teach you everything I’ve used to make an amazing body of work.


Imagine you could…

Know how to shoot, edit and retouch stunning photos every time. Understand which lens is right for all situations, instinctively and unlock inspiration every time you have a camera in your hands.

Chris Orwig
Complete Pack


Shoot, edit & retouch stunning photos every time. This Complete Pack is my full curriculum on photography.

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"Chris Orwig is an incredible photographer and an awesome educational resource to other photographers. Being in class with Chris was so enlightening and his enthusiasm for life is evident in his teaching and photographs. His portrait video series is one of my favorites!"


What's included?

Here is everything you get in this bundle!

Lightroom Classic Masterclass

66 LESSONS | 4H 42M

$297 included

Follow along and work with the downloadable course images as I explain and demonstrate how to do things like import images into Lightroom, fix exposure, crop images, remove blemishes, enhance color, and so much more.

Lightroom Workflow Masterclass

27 LESSONS | 1H 25M

$97 included

Lightroom Classic is the world’s most popular editing tool because it’s powerful and easy to use. In this course, you will discover tips that can help you approach common tasks—from importing to processing your photos—more efficiently.

The Easy Way to Learn Photoshop

38 LESSONS | 2H 55M

$97 included

Photoshop can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. In this course, you’ll learn all the basic functionality and shortcuts for Photoshop, and a roadmap to becoming a Photoshop master.

Photoshop for Photographers

46 LESSONS | 5H 41M

$197 included

From exposure corrections and masking, through to quickly changing a background and creative color manipulation, the knowledge I share in this course will allow you to create images just like the ones you aspire to.

Photoshop Workflow Masterclass

25 LESSONS | 2H 22M

$197 included

Learn my top tips and practical advice so that can help you work faster and smarter in Photoshop! Learn how to use smart filters, adjustment layers, masking, blend modes, brush sizes, and more.

How to Create Photoshop Magic

68 LESSONS | 9H 24M

$297 included

You’ll learn a massive amount of techniques for creating motion, changing light, adding sparkle to eyes, and retouching to resolve any problem you may encounter.

Photoshop & Lightroom Quickstart

15 LESSONS | 56M

$47 included

These 15 lessons are designed so that anyone can use and get the most out of Photoshop and Lightroom. I originally created these for my friends at Sony (my sponsor) but now you can enjoy them as well!

Black & White Photography Masterclass

12 LESSONS | 55M

$47 included

Converting an image to black and white can be a powerful way to create an expressive image. In this course, you will learn how to make stronger and more compelling black and white portraits and travel images.

Portrait Lens Masterclass

27 LESSONS | 1H 20M

$47 included

The photographic gear that will most directly affect your portraits isn’t the camera, but rather the lens. Through presentations and live shoots, you'll learn everything you need to know about what lenses will work best for you.

Portrait Gear 101

15 LESSONS | 58M

$47 included

Learn what lenses are best for the portraits you want to create. Using his tips and insight, you can learn about how to invest in the right gear that will help you actualize your vision.

Family & Kids Portrait Masterclass

18 LESSONS | 54M

$47 included

From finding your style to booking a shoot, this course can help you start (or improve) a photo business. I share how to stand out stylistically, discuss what gear is a must, and detail the flow of a shoot.

Industrial Portraits Masterclass

18 LESSONS | 56M

$47 included

Learning how to work with locations is a skill every portrait photographer needs to learn. In this course we will go out on location and talk about capturing images in an industrial location using natural light.

Scenic Portraits Masterclass

26 LESSONS | 1H 20M

$97 included

In this course, we will go out on location for a live photo shoot at a beautiful coastal location. While on location you will learn about everything you need to know to capture stunning photographs.

Portrait Retouching Masterclass

97 LESSONS | 11H 16M

$397 included

Want to improve your portraits, so that your subjects look their best? Well, you've come to the right place. In this easy-to-follow and enjoyable course, you will learn how to begin to retouch your portraits like a pro.

Creative Mind Masterclass

20 LESSONS | 4H 39M

$297 included

The IGNITE program is designed for those who want to live in more creative ways. You can think of it as your own personal creative inspiration toolkit. Listen and watch the program in order to boost your creativity and create your best work.

People Pictures

E-Book Series

$57 included

This is not a traditional portrait photography book it is a step-by-step guide on how to reinvigorate your portraiture all while reconnecting with the camera and enjoying yourself.

Authentic Portraits

E-Book Series

$57 included

Learn how to find, approach and direct subjects. You’ll learn how to create a visual map of your subjects, clarify your vision, create a checklist for your shoots, dial in the shoot flow and more.

Family Photography

E-Book Series

$57 included

Follow the guide to learn how to clarify your vision, voice, and style. Follow this guide for what you should communicate ahead of time in regard to wardrobe, scheduling, weather, and more.

Bonus #1

Lightroom Presets

Analog Film

12 Lightroom Presets

$79 included

Instantaneously inject the wonderful contrast, separation, and character of film into any image. Whether you're looking for high contrast B&W, cross-processed color tones or that perfect amount of grain I always reach for these presets.


6 Lightroom Presets

$79 included

Recreate the golden light of California - no matter where in the world you are. By using these presets you will have a great starting point that flatters skin tones and creates interesting landscapes.


20 Lightroom Presets

$79 included

Controlling the mood and backlight in portraits is so important. My portrait presets are powerful tools to master backlight manipulation and add snap to any image. Compatible with all versions of Lightroom.


10 Lightroom Presets

$79 included

Cut down your post-processing time considerably. Apply your favorite styles to any photo with one click. These are my go-to presets for achieving the balance and mood I want my portraits to have. Compatible with all versions of Lightroom.

Bonus #2

Lightroom Brush Presets

All Purpose

29 Lightroom Brush Presets

$79 included

With these brushes, it’s possible to create light where there was none, inject warmth into a cold looking photo and to create masterpieces regardless of the source image. Compatible with ALL versions of Adobe Lightroom Classic CC.


7 Lightroom Brush Presets

$79 included

Landscape photography is all about directing the viewer’s attention through the image. With these brushes, you can now take complete control. Create stunning, dramatic and vibrant images with these powerful and easy to use brushes.


15 Lightroom Brush Presets

$79 included

A perfect portrait can be ruined by a blemish, the wrong lighting, dark eyes, and a whole number of other things. Whether you are just getting started with Lightroom or you are an expert, these brushes will become your go-to tools when retouching.

Chris Orwig Facebook Academy

Bonus #3

$497 included

Join a network of like-minded photographers in the Chris Orwig Facebook Academy. Bounce ideas around, critique each other’s work and get your questions answered.

Photography can be a lonely adventure sometimes and no one makes it on their own. Get your questions answered quickly and feel part of a community designed to help and support photographers make better work.

Monthly Q&A with Chris

Bonus #4

$1,997 included

Whether you are a professional photographer or just starting out I want to be a part of your journey. I’ll give you real-life feedback and help you get more out of your camera.

Dramatically improve your photography and get any questions you have answered so you can achieve your photography goals sooner.


Here is a summary of everything you get:


Lightroom Classic Masterclass ($297)

Portrait Lens Masterclass ($97)

Photoshop Workflow Masterclass ($197)

Lightroom Workflow Masterclass ($97)

Portrait Retouching Masterclass ($397)

Black & White Photography Masterclass ($47)

Industrial Portraits Masterclass ($47)

Scenic Portraits Masterclass ($97)

Family & Kids Portrait Masterclass ($47)

Portrait Gear 101 ($47)

Photoshop & Lightroom Quickstart ($47)

Creative Mind Masterclass ($297)

The Easy Way to Learn Photoshop ($97)

Photoshop for Photographers ($197)

How to Create Photoshop Magic ($297)

People Pictures ($57)

Authentic Portraits Guide ($57)

Family Photography ($57)


Lightroom Presets - California ($79)

Lightroom Presets - Analog Film ($79)

Lightroom Presets - Portrait ($79)

Lightroom Presets - Studio ($79)


Lightroom Brush Presets - All-Purpose ($79)

Lightroom Brush Presets - Landscape ($79)

Lightroom Brush Presets - Portrait ($79)

BONUS # 3 & 4




Chris Orwig
Complete Pack


Shoot, edit & retouch stunning photos every time. This Complete Pack is my full curriculum on photography.

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