Authentic Portraits


In Authentic Portraits, photographer Chris Orwig teaches you that the secret to creating meaningful portraits is simple: curiosity, empathy, kindness, and soul…plus a bit of technique..

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What you’ll Learn

The most successful portraits take us well beyond the surface of how someone looks and show us the inner essence of who someone is. They reveal character, soul, and depth. They uncover hidden hopes and profound truths, revealing that authentic and deeply human light that shines within.

And while technical expertise is undoubtedly important, it’s not the light, camera, or pose that creates a great portrait. It’s you, and it’s the connection you create with the subject that makes all the difference.







Lessons for photography and life

I didn’t expect this book to really have the impact on me it did, but I should have expected something so significant and deep from Chris Orwig. He digs deep into what it mean to make authentic portraits by looking for the light. But it’s not just the natural light he has us seek (though that a good part of the equation) but also the light within people, that includes me - the photographer. If you’re looking for a simple, follow-these-steps-for-good-photos type of book, then Authentic Portraits may not be for you. But before you move on, hold on. This book is for anyone who wants to create deep and meaningful portraits of others. Chris gives us a pathway to that through insight, advice, direction, and inspiration. He points out how to use natural light to its fullest advantage while bringing out the inner light of the person we’re photographing. It’s not necessarily easy because it also takes some vulnerability, openness, and honesty on our (the photographer’s) part as well. But if you follow his advice, you’ll soon find yourself making connections with people that will in turn bring about far better and stronger photos. The lessons in the book not only apply to how we can connect with people for Authentic Portraits, but also how to make better connections with people in general. It’s a wonderful book, and one I highly recommend for anyone looking to go beyond and deeper than the typical portrait. If you can, read this and possibly watch Chris’ CreativeLive course on portraiture.
D. Clifton

This is Much More Than a How-To Book

I couldn't add anything more than the previous reviewer, Gloria Nagler, did, at least in terms of describing what's in this book. But I can add what it has meant to me right out of the chute (or should I say "shoot"?). I learned of the release of this book from another photographer whom I admire greatly, David duChemin. And I knew of Chris Orwig by reputation, though I had not delved into his work deeply. I'm primarily a performing arts photographer, and in that context, I have many opportunities to create photographs of young artists, primarily at the high school level. Many of these are actors' headshots, as well as performance-based portraits. But one the annual shoots that I look forward to the most is a series of individual, studio-based portraits of a high-level acting class at a local high school. These young actors are incredibly talented, and deserve the best photograph that I can deliver. And technically (I think) my results to date on their behalf are credible. So it was with great interest that I discovered that the Kindle edition of "Authentic Portraits" is already out, while the hardcover edition is still months away. I immediately purchased it, downloaded it, and in less than 24 hours read it from beginning to end...
S Wylie

Authentic Life

I have been following Chris’s work for many years and have purchased many of his books, and to true Chris Orwig form, this book doesn’t disappoint. I am not even a portrait photographer, my focus is real estate and architecture, but I know that Chris’s insight in photography and life will inspire me to try harder in work and home life. Chris’s wisdom and down-to-earth approach on life and photography, make this and any of his books a definite buy..
Ty W.

Includes some new slants on how to produce meaningful portraits.

Chris Orwig’s manual on portrait photography is among the best I’ve read. His preference for natural light, and his heartfelt and often profound philosophical remarks about portrait photography were really useful and welcome. As well as those issues, Orwig covers the gamut of everything we need to know to do not just flattering portraits, but portraits that reflect the authentic personality of your subject. And you gotta love any book that starts with a Bob Dylan quote. I do like the author’s philosophical foundation for taking photographs to a level of authenticity we often don’t consider. I love when he says that we are all unique but we are all the same. I enjoy a little philosophy with my photography learning :-)...
B Harvey

Authentic Portraits


This short e-book guide is designed to give you the needed tools for capturing better and more authentic portraits.

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